Set Notification Tone Android W

How to Set Own Custom Notification Ringtone in Android:

  • First thing is, you need to create a folder in Memory SD card. So, you can use Astro,ES File Manager or any other for this process.
  • Open any File manager go to the SD card, and create new folder named as “media“(without quotes).
  • And open the media folder, and create another new folder named as “audio“.
  • Then open the audio folder and again create 2 new folders. One is “notifications” and another one is “ringtones“.
  • It must be in this path- SDcard> media> audio> notifications

Android custom Notification Ringtone photos

  • After the above process move the tone that you want to set as notification ringtone to thenotifications folder.
  • You can also use the ringtones folder to set the ringtones.
  • After that, go to Settings> Sound> Notification Ringtone.
  • Now you can see the custom tone that you moved earlier to the notifications folder.

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