echo off
set hour=%time:~0,2%
if “%hour:~0,1%” == ” ” set hour=0%hour:~1,1%
echo hour=%hour%
set min=%time:~3,2%
if “%min:~0,1%” == ” ” set min=0%min:~1,1%
echo min=%min%

set year=%date:~-4%
echo year=%year%
set month=%date:~4,2%
if “%month:~0,1%” == ” ” set month=0%month:~1,1%
echo month=%month%
set day=%date:~7,2%
if “%day:~0,1%” == ” ” set day=0%day:~1,1%
echo day=%day%

set datetimef=%year%%month%%day%_
echo datetimef=%datetimef%
echo datetimef=%datetimef%

mysqldump pintar -uroot -pYOUR_MYSQL_PASSWORD > %datetimef%pintar.sql
mysqldump dona -uroot -pYOUR_MYSQL_PASSWORD > %datetimef%dona.sql
mysqldump ps -uroot -pYOUR_MYSQL_PASSWORD > %datetimef%ps.sql
mysqldump meetmon -uroot -pYOUR_MYSQL_PASSWORD > %datetimef%meetmon.sql
mysqldump corporateagenda -uroot -pYOUR_MYSQL_PASSWORD > %datetimef%canda.sql

mysqldump pintar -uroot -pYOUR_MYSQL_PASSWORD > Z:\MYSQL86\%datetimef%pintar.sql
mysqldump dona -uroot -pYOUR_MYSQL_PASSWORD > Z:\MYSQL86\%datetimef%dona.sql
mysqldump ps -uroot -pYOUR_MYSQL_PASSWORD > Z:\MYSQL86\%datetimef%ps.sql
mysqldump meetmon -uroot -pYOUR_MYSQL_PASSWORD > Z:\MYSQL86\%datetimef%meetmon.sql
mysqldump corporateagenda -uroot -pYOUR_MYSQL_PASSWORD > Z:\MYSQL86\%datetimef%canda.sql


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